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Becoming a Toalson agent could come with several advantages. Firstly, Toalson is known for its high-quality tennis and badminton products, so you'd be associated with  reputable brand. This can make it easier to attract customers who trust the brand for their sports equipment needs. Additionally, being a agent gives you access to a variety of products, allowing you to cater to different preferences and needs in the market. You may also benefit from potential exclusive deals, discounts, or promotions offered to agents, enhancing your profit margins. Establishing a partnership with Toalson could provide you with marketing support, such as promotional materials or assistance in organizing events to promote their products.

The requirements to become a Toalson agent

Business registration: You need to be a VAT registered business
Industry experience: Having experience in selling Padel/Tennis equipment
Network: A sales network in Tennis/Padel is a must
Sales and marketing skills: Need to be capable of effectively marketing and selling Tennis/Padel products
Warehouse: Agent need to be able to store producs in its own warehouse
Order Value: Minimum annual order value is EUR 7.500



Toalson is a brand of TOA STRINGS CO.,LTD. With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing, sales and marketing of sports products Toalson is a reliable world player in the sports market.
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